Redirect Virus Removal – What Tool Do You Need?

The removal of redirect viruses is not the easiest thing to do, to put things mildly. When facing them, we are also hampered by the fact that virus protection cannot successfully cope with them. Being alone, up against the nasty redirect virus, is a very obnoxious situation. Moreover, the parasite often sneaks inside our computers when we expect it the least.

Due to the fact that redirect virus manages to pass by most security measures, most users feel discouraged when they realize they are infected with it. Even running your simple security software does not help. Although it claims that it has removed the redirect virus, when you open your browser – it is still there. This probably makes you wonder how is it possible for the anti-virus vendor to cope with a number of serious infections, and be helpless when trying to deal with this seemingly innocent one.

In fact, security programs are incapable of dealing with redirect virus, because it is far different from any other types of viruses. Most of them make copies of themselves in order to take up as much hard drive space as they can. These copies raise suspicion, and, through them, the anti-virus application manages to trace the virus and eliminate it. Google redirect virus is much more cunning.

Its creators have been so clever as to avoid the common strategies for inventing a virus. This one does not make copies of itself; it changes a code in your browser, and , as you can guess, it is extremely difficult for the anti-virus tool to discover what exactly is wrong.

The process of conducting a search is very simple – you type what you need to find and press enter. Then, the search engine tracks the results by spreading your click through its services. Here is where redirect virus intervenes – it makes its way in this operation and redirects you to a completely different website, unrelated to the ones that the search engine was about to come up with.

So, how can you remove the parasite when your ordinary anti-virus program cannot help? You can make use of the following trick:

Many Windows users have the option to bring the computer back to a previous state, prior the entrance of the virus. If you know the approximate time when Google redirect virus has entered your machine, you can pick up a restore date and take the computer back to that point. This will not affect your documents, it will only rewrite the system files and eliminate the infected ones.

If you do not have that option on your computer or if you are afraid not to harm your system, there are various security websites, which promote some updated powerful tools for removing the Google redirect virus. Downloading one of them will ensure the removal of redirect virus.